Public Utility Services in Biharsharif

Biharsharif is head quarter of Nalanda district and hence enjoys the accessibility of all major services that sets it apart from various other parts of the region. Besides, it is the most developed city of Nalanda district and is also today one of the fastest growing city of Bihar state. Owing to all these important factors, quality of public utility services in Bihar Sharif is in much better condition. This is defiantly true at least when we compare Bihar Sharif’s public utility services with most other cities of Bihar. This, however, doesn’t at all mean that there isn’t any scope of further improvement in utility services of Bihar Sharif. Yet they are capable enough to meet most of the requirements of the citizens.

Public Utility Services in Bihar Sharif

Bihar Sharif Nagar Nigam

Like all other municipal corporations in rest of India, even Bihar Sharif Municipal Corporation looks after sanitation, water supply and supplying health necessities to all hospitals. Amongst these water supply is definitely the most critical service. After all, unrestricted water supply is what keeps any modern city’s day-to-day administration successfully running. Currently Bihar Sharif Nagar Nigam is able to meet water demand through ground water sources. It is currently able to supply 18.5 MLD water every year, which is far less than the actual demand of water in the city. One of the major detrimental factors in increasing water supply is water leakage problem, as it obviously results in huge water wastage. A blue print is prepared for the effective management of water resources in the area.

Health Services in Bihar Sharif

Healthcare in Bihar SharifBiharsharif enjoys presence of good number of hospitals and pathlabs. Although there aren’t any multi specialty and super specialty hospitals functioning in the city, but their absence is pretty much made up by slew of private hospitals. Almost all of these hospitals are equipped with standard medical infrastructures like ICU, operation theatre, maternity ward, OPD etc. Biharsharif also has huge number of clinics and chemist shops. Amongst clinics specialized clinics like dental clinics, ENT clinics, Sexologist clinics and Ayurvedic Clinics are also functioning in adequate numbers in the city. However, lack of other important services like pathological labs and blood banks does have substantial effect on otherwise robust healthcare services. While pathological labs are present in quite few numbers, but there are literally no blood banks and even eye banks in the entire city.

Electricity Supply in Bihar Sharif

As for which company is responsible for supplying and distributing power in Bihar Sharif, then that is taken care by South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd (SBPDCL). SBPDCL is public undertaking by Government of Bihar. It is solely responsible for supplying and distribution of power in entire South Bihar region. Although SBPDCL has always struggled to supply uninterrupted power supply, it however does offer slew of services like on line bill payment to its customers.

Transport Services in Bihar Sharif

Transport Services in Bihar Sharif

While Bihar Sharif may not have public local transportation in form of city bus or local train services, but it does enjoy immensely robust auto rickshaw services. Due to their unprecedented monopoly, they are almost lifeline for daily commuters of Bihar Sharif. Even couple of hours of auto rickshaw strike can bring the entire city to its knees. But even though auto rickshaws are efficiently fulfilling local transportation needs, Bihar Sharif still needs city bus service to make its local transportation even more robust and efficient. Besides, city bus service will propel city towards greater economic development and prosperity. As of today Patna, Gaya and Muzaffarpur are only three cities of Bihar that enjoy city bus service. For More Click Here

Safety and Security in Bihar Sharif

Without a doubt safety and security of ordinary citizens is of utmost importance. Unless and until ordinary citizens feel safe and secure, no city can even sustain – let alone thrive. Keeping this in mind, authorities in Biharsharif have put in place necessary safety measures in form of police stations and fire stations to ensure safety and security of its citizen at any cost. Although there is only one police station and fire station in entire Bihar Sharif, but for a small city like Biharsharif that’s more than enough. In addition, this lone police station and fire station are equipped with reliable machinarey/weapons and robust communication systems. This definitely has been one of the major factors in Bihar Sharif’s successful track record in law & order and its swift ability to deal with fire accidents.
Bihar Sharif Police Station: 9431822167, 235217.
Deputy. S.P. Bihar Sharif: 06112-235253, 06112-235222 and 9431222168.
Police Inspector Bihar Sharif: 06112-235217, 9431822167 and 9431378789.
Fire Brigrade (Fire Officer): 06112-235230 & 101 and 9430002043

Postal Services in Bihar Sharif

Even in today’s day and age of mobile phones and e- mail services, postal and courier services haven’t lost their viability at all. People across the world still use it and will continue to use even in future for sending money orders and parceling important personal and professional items to their acquaintances. People of Bihar Sharif too are no exception when it comes to dependency on postal and courier services. And owing to their huge dependency and need, they fully exploit the huge presence private courier companies to their maximum advantage. Therefore Private Courier Companies today are doing brisk business in Bihar Sharif and their presence and network will only grow further in coming years.

Post Offices in Bihar SharifBihar Sharif Head Post Office
Address: Postmaster, Post Office Bihar Sharif (Head Office), Nalanda, Bihar (BR), India (IN), Pin Code:- 803101

First Flight Couriers Ltd
Address: Maghra Commercial Complex, Biharsharif, Nalanda – 803101
Phone no: +(91)-6112-321530

D T D C Couriers
Address: Kanti Enterprises, Near Mandir, Zila Prishad Market,
Biharsharif, Nalanda – 803101
Mobile no: + (91)-9709704024

Paigham Couriers
Address: Pulper Prabhu Market, Biharsharif, Nalanda – 803101
Mobile no: +(91)-9334844341

Rishika Enterprises
Address: Near Hanuman Mandir, Professor Colony, Dhaneshwar Ghat, Biharsharif, Nalanda - 803101
Mobile no: +(91)-9430905895,
Phone no: +(91)-6112-230777

Blazeflash Couriers Ltd
Address: Narayan Complex, Ramchanderpur, Biharsharif, Nalanda – 803101
Mobile no: +(91)-9304125610, 9386038131

Petrol Pumps and Gas Agencies in Bihar Sharif

Just like in any other city, even in Bihar Sharif daily livelihood of thousands of people is solely dependent on uninterrupted supply of petrol and LPG gas cylinders. But more importantly without uninterrupted supply of petrol and LPG gas local economy itself will get derailed. This is not just true about Bihar Sharif, but any other city across the world. Needless to say, an urban and aspiring city like Bihar Sharif has in place a pretty solid network of petrol pumps and LPG gas agencies to cater to humongous demand.

Excellent Automobiles Petrol Pump
Address: Near Apolo Surgical, Ranchi Road,Bharao Par, Biharsharif, Nalanda – 803101
Mobile no: +(91)-8002440244.

Nalanda Service Station Petrol Pump
Address: Ranchi Road, Biharsharif, Nalanda – 803101
Mobile no: +(91)-9431488275.

JAI Mata DI Gas Agency
Address: Bharat Gas Agency, Near Sudha Milk Dairy, Ranchi Road, Bharopar, Biharsharif – 803101
Mobile no: +(91)-6112-235487.

Bindhyabasini Bharat Gas
Address: Rahaui Road Amber, Biharsharif, Nalanda – 803101
Mobile no: +(91)-9955591266

Banking Services in Bihar Sharif

In last two decades or so banking services in Bihar Sharif have not only improved but have literally thrived. As a result today Bihar Sharif has highest number of banks and ATM’s than it ever had in its entire history. This has proved to be blessing not just for its citizens, but also for local economy. Mainly because boom in banking sector generated huge employment in last 2 decades and employment generation is continuing even today. As for which all banks have their branches and ATM’s in Bihar Sharif, then there probably would not be a single prominent bank from public sector and private sector that does not have a bank or branch in this city. Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, you name it and you’ll find their branches and ATM’s here.

Telecommunications in Bihar Sharif

Today people of Bihar Sharif are happily relishing fruits of telecom revolution that had dawned exactly two decades back. It is thanks to the success of mobile revolution that today Bihar Sharif is not just connected with rest of India, but also with the rest of the world. In other words, ordinary citizens of Bihar Sharif never had it so good when it came to mobile connectivity with rest of the world.
At the helm of this unprecedented mobile revolution are obviously mobile companies, who have put their towers all across Bihar Sharif city and Nalanda district.

Essential Services in Bihar Sharif

As for internet connectivity is concerned, then on this front too Bihar Sharif is in the middle of a revolution. During last few years 2G and 3G internet services have made deep inroads and have exposed people of Bihar Sharif to world of Internet like never before. With such unprecedented power of internet in their hands, local people have finally started untapping the potential of internet into their day to day lives.

Overall, barring few critical utility services like electricity supply and water supply most other utility services are working at optimum level. Efficiency in banking sector, police administration and mobile services is especially praise worthy. Even health sector is in pretty good condition, but it is still in the need of immense modernization and funds. To sum it up, if there is improvement in the efficiency in critical utility services like water supply, electricity supply and also health sector in distant future, then quality of life will drastically improve in Bihar Sharif.

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