Biharsharif City Guide

Bihar Sharif though for most decades has lagged behind in critical social areas, but today it is striving very hard to march ahead towards prosperity and development. The city already boosts pretty reliable infrastructure in transportation and banking. Besides, we ought to mention about ruins of Nalanda University and Odantapuri University, two of India’s greatest historical monuments that are located just few kilometers away Biharsharif city. And this brings to us to history of Biharsharif, which you already may have guessed is immensely rich. And obviously its rich history is lot to do with the fact that it is a headquarter city and integral part of historical Nalanda region. But surprisingly Biharsharif’s history is so unique on its own that it doesn’t need to rely on rich history of Nalanda to define itself. Whatever you ever wanted to know about Bihar Sharif, it is there in this city guide. So let’s start this enthralling journey with Biharsharifonline City-Guide !

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