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About Bihar Sharif

Bihar Sharif is headquarters of Nalanda District, one of the historical regions of Bihar. The immensely rich history of Nalanda obviously has had huge influence in shaping cultural identity of this city. Today this city is however coming out of the shadow of its history, as it sits on the cusp of impending economic development and modernization. At present it is already important rail and road hub and also important agriculture center. Below is more detailed information about this historical city.

Brief History of Bihar Sharif

Bihar Sharif has witnessed rise and fall of many powerful dynasties. The city has even enjoyed the privilege of being ‘City Capital’ during powerful Pala Empire. During Pala Empire Biharsharif also witnessed growing influence of Buddhism religion. In fact two of the greatest ancient Buddhist universities Nalanda and Odantapuri Universities, which today are primary tourist attractions were constructed during the rule of great Palas.

About Bihar Sharif

Pala Empire, however, witnessed huge decline by the turn of medieval era. This was mainly due to meteoric rise of many Muslim Empires, some of who ruled entire Northern India for the whole of medieval century. Although Biharsharif was not ruled by all powerful Mughal Empire, but by Delhi Sultanate during most part of the medieval era. In fact one of Delhi Sultanate’s powerful General Syed Ibrahim Mallick, who brought immense economic prosperity to Biharsharif, is held in high esteem by locals even today. For More Click Here

Geography of Biharsharif

Biharsahrif’s strategic geographic location has ensured that it is endowed with rich geographical features like fertile soil and rich minerals. It is located on the bank of a famous local river, namely River Panchanan. Besides, Biharsharif is surrounded by Hiranya Prabhat Mountain (also known as Badi Pahri), which is immensely rich in flora and vegetation. Moreover, four more local rivers - Dhoba, Panchanan, Goithva and Zerain - also pass through this historical city. With so many rivers flowing through this city, soil found here is definitely fertile and rich. This fact is amply vindicated by huge presence of Alluvial soil, which is considered as one of the most fertile soils for agricultural production.

Administration in Bihar Sharif

Administration in Bihar SharifBihar Sharif Municipal Corporation is obviously the most important local administrative body. The municipal area of Bihar sharif is about 23.50 sq km. Like any other municipal corporation, its main focus is also to provide better health and sanitation facilities to the city. However, its efficiency and competence does considerably suffer from lack of funds and adequate infrastructure. Another important administrative body, or rather administrator is District Collector of Nalanda District. Since he is Chief Revenue Officer of the entire district, his strong administrative influence over Bihar sharif is but obvious. In fact because Bihar Sharif is district headquarter, it is always under special scanner and focus of the District Collector. {For administrative updates click here}

District Magistrate and Collector
Phone :06112-235203(O)
Email : dm-nalanda.bih@nic.in
Fax : 06112-235205

Deputy Development Commissioner
Tel: 06112-232525(O)
Email : ddc-nalanda-bih@nic.in
Fax : 06112-232626

Superintendent of Police
Phone: 06112-235207(O)
Email : sp-nalanda-bih@nic.in
Fax : 06112-233976

Economy of Bihar Sharif

Although Biharsharif is the most urbanized city of Nalanda District, but its economy is still driven by traditional agricultural sector. In fact Bihar Sharif makes biggest contribution in Nalanda’s annual agricultural production, which actually ranks second in entire Bihar. Wheat, potato and rice happens to be the primary crops grown here. They today in fact have become primary export products of the city. As far as industries are concerned, then Bihar Sharif sill has a long way to go in industrial sector area.

Profile of Bihar Sharif

Whatever few industries that are there are mainly concentrated in BIADA Industrial Estate in Ramchandrapur, which is biggest industrial estate of Bihar Sharif city. And almost all the industrial units functioning here are small scale and medium scale industries. There are virtually no large scale industries functioning in Bihar Sharif. As for profile or types of industries are concerned, then most of them constitute of Hand pumps, Distilled water & Battery Acid, Readymade Garments, Ice-cream production etc.

SS Industries
Address: Ramchandrapur, Bihar Sharif, Bihar 803101
Phone:094314 87954

Pandey Electrical Industries
Address: Near Railway Over Bridge, Patasang, Nalanda, Bihar Sharif - 803118, India
Phone No: +917043337272
Mobile : +917043337272

Transportation in Bihar Sharif

Today Bihar Sharif is quite well placed in local transportation system as well as connectivity. Responsibility of local transportation has been very well taken care by thousands of auto rickshaws plying throughout the city. As for connectivity with rest of Bihar is concerned, then that is taken care by many passenger trains halting at Bihar Sahrif Railway Station and many state/national highways passing through the city. At Bihar Sharif station several passenger trains running between Patna and Rajgir make a halt on daily basis. Besides, there are several trains for Kolkata from Bihar sharif. In the case of highways, National Highway (NH) 31 and 82 make an en-route through this city. Both these national highways connect Bihar Sharif to many prominent cities of Bihar. The main ones being Patna, Gaya and Mokamah. For More Click Here

12391, +Shramjeevi Exp
*Bihar Sharif to Delhi

13233, +Rajgriha Exp
*Bihar Sharif to Patna Jn

Tourism in Bihar Sharif

Tourism in Bihar Sharif

A tour to Bihar Sharif city will give you peak into great historical places like Odantapuri, Nalanda University and sacred Jain Temple in Pawapuri. Jal Mandir, The Nirvana place of Lord Mahavira in Pawapuri can be reached easily from Bihar Sharif. Its a worth to visit this sacred place which has great historical and religious significance. These historical places are indeed of paramount importance. For they have not just shaped history of Bihar Sharif or Bihar state alone, but of entire India. A visit to ruins of Odantapuri and Nalanda are especially must if you’re die hard history lover. They were amongst greatest universities in entire world during ancient times and therefore treasure some of the greatest archeological secrets of our country. Nalanda University was in fact the first residential university in the entire world.  For More Click Here

Culture of Bihar Sharif

Centuries of harmonious relation between Hindus and Muslims has brought forth beautiful fusion of culture in the region. And today this beautiful fusion has invariably made it a culturally vibrant and alive city. One of the fine examples of this cultural fusion is widespread presence of Dargahs and tombs of great Muslim kings across the city, invariably making Bihar Sharif popular as ‘city of tombs and dargahs’ across Bihar state. But more importantly these daraghs and tombs are visited even by Hindu devotees in great number, fostering unity of Hindu Muslim culture in the city.

Bihar Sharif at a glance

Country: India
Administrative division:
District: Nalanda district
Elevation: 60 m (200 ft)
Location: 25.11°N 85.51°E
Main Languages: Hindi, Urdu and Marathi
Main Religions: Hinduism, Islam and Jainism
Total Population: 331,972 – 2011 census
Telephone code: +91-6112
Vehicle registration: BR 21
Pin code: 803101

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